Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Cpt. Caveman's TTM Autographs Bonus Post Graphing The Greenbrier Classic Part 2

Welcome back to another bonus in person graphing post. We headed back to the PGA Greenbrier Classic Wednesday for the Pro Am. Unfortunately it was a miserable wet rainy day for graphing. We arrived early and found our spot. The rain finally stopped a little after noon and we could finally get our stuff out without fear of everything getting soaked and started to get some autographs from some of the pro golfers we missed yesterday. The rain had all the tee times messed up so noone started when they should have and that caused alot of people wanting autographs to miss out or have to pick only certain ones to try for. Winter really wanted the guys from Duck Dynasty so we waited for them to come around. They drew a huge crowd and would only stop and sign a few autographs at each hole so we ended up chasing them for several holes before we got them all. Winter got Willie, Jase, Missy and Martin to sign her cd booklet and I got Willie and Jase to sign pictures. Luckily J.R. Smith was playing with Jase so he was easy to get and signed three cards for us. After that the rain was getting ready to roll back in so we decided to head out. On the way out we ran into John Daly and Pat McAfee finishing up at the 18th green and got them to sign. So it wasn't a bad day even after getting drenched we still got most of the people we went for and came home with 15 autographs. Tomorrow starts the regular tournament play so not much graphing going on until they finish up for the day. Winters wore out so I'll be heading back solo tomorrow. Until then enjoy a few pictures from today and the autographs we received.


Willie, Jase, Missy and Martin
Willie and Jase
John Daly

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