Saturday, August 29, 2015

Cpt. Caveman's TTM Autographs #7

Hello and welcome back everyone I hope you all had an great week graphing TTM. This week I thought id talk about how I store my autographs to keep them protected. When I started collecting autographs I always framed my autos but I soon ran out of wall space and matting and framing every autograph you get back can get expensive. Now I only frame the larger pictures or posters that wont fit in my Binders. So I found the acid free(acid free is a must) heavy duty page protector's work the best for anything bigger than a 4x6 photo and work with any three ring binders. Usually found anywhere sports cards are sold or WalMart carries them but beware they also sell thin cheap page protectors also but its worth the extra $2 to buy they heavy duty ones. For the majority of my autographs I use three ring photo pages. They hold six 4x6's (three on each side) plus have a small pocket on the top corner that holds my business card sized blank autograph cards (I ordered blank business cards from vistaprint with one side white and the other you can customize however, mine are tie-dyed with my personal autograph collection printed very small I like these better than plain 3x5 index cards and they fit in my wallet incase the need arises you never know who you may run into so I keep cards and a pen on me and a cards and a sharpie in the car. I keep all the pages in good three ring binders the kind you buy for sports cards but any three ring binder would work. This keeps them safe and protected and out of the sunlight. I try to wear gloves when handling them to keep the oils from my hands off the paper. For signed balls I like BALLQUBE and BCW makes great acrylic golf ball holders and ultrapro regular sports card pages and plastic sleeves to store my signed cards This may not be the best way but its worked well for us and is a fairly inexpensive way to store you're collection. Now on to my favorite part and I'm sure yours the weekly successes. Monday brought one of my most wanted and the longest wait for a return. At 14 months it was totally worth the wait for the greatest Jason Voorhees ever Kane Hodder. He's been in so many other great films I loved him in the Hatchet films. Thursday brought the first reply for this season writing to the Walking Dead set in Atlanta. Josh McDermitt signed and personalized the two pictures we sent him almost four month wait and I hope its the start of the Walking Dead returns because I wrote almost every cast member this year. Friday Winter got an amazing return from the voice of Donald Duck himself Tony Anselmo. He been doing the voice work for our favorite duck since the mid 80's took 14 days to return.
To finish off the week Winter got Nascar's Ryan Newman after a two and a half month wait. She sent him one of her serial #d cards to be signed. Well that's it for this week another quality over quantity week but still great to even get one back every week until next time keep graphing and ill be back Wednesday for the mid week bonus blog gameshow/TV hosts edition and next Saturday with our all new successes.

Kane Hodder
26500 Agoura Rd.
Calabasas, CA 91302
Josh McDermitt
The Walking Dead (good till Nov 26th)
Raleigh Studios Atlanta
600 Chestlehurst Rd.
Senoia, GA 30276
Tony Anselmo
The Walt Disney Studios
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521
Ryan Newman
Ryan Newman fan club
p.o. Box 6028
Statesville, NC 28687

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Cpt. Caveman's Mid Week Bonus Blog-Horror Edition


Hello and welcome to my mid week bonus blog all Horror edition. This week im going to show you some of our favorite horror related autographs and the addresses we used to get them. I have always loved horror films growing up in the late 70's and the 80's there were so many amazing horror/slasher films coming out and thanks to VCRs and the local video store i watched every horror flick i could. Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Sleepaway Camp, The Howling, Evil Dead, Critters and so many more great horror films who remembers Chud and The Stuff. So enjoy everyone and ill be back Saturday with this weeks new TTM successes and next weeks mid week topic is Game Show/ TV Hosts. Until then keep sending those letters it wont return if you don't send it. So here's a few of our favorite horror related autographs and addresses.
Craig T. Nelson
c/o Forward entertainment
9255 Sunset blvd
suite 805
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Robert Englund
1278 Glennerye
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
John Carpenter
Storm King Productions
8033 W. Sunset Blvd.
suite 1044
Hollywood, CA 90046
Sean S. Cunningham
Crystal Lake Entertainment
4420 Hayvenhusrt Ave.
Encino, CA 91436
John Hurt
Independent Talent Group, Ltd.
40 Whitfield St.
London W1T 2RH
Michael Berryman
Amsel, Eisenstadt & Frazier & Hinojosa
Talent Agency
5055 Wilshire Blvd.
suite 865
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Naomi Grossman
 Niad Management, Inc.
15021 Ventura Blvd
suite 860
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
Jamie Brewer
Kazarian/Spencer/Ruskin & Associates, inc.
11969 Ventura Blvd
3rd Floor
Box 7409
Studio City, CA 91604

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Capt. Caveman's TTM autographs #6

Hello and welcome back fellow TTM graphers to another great week in autograph collecting. This week before I get to the weeks successes I thought Id talk about the dreaded A word and S words in TTM collecting. Autopens and secretarial signature's. So what if that autograph you just received TTM just doesn't look right or doesn't look anything like any known example of there autograph. Well more than likely that celeb pays someone to sign for them like a secretary or sometimes family as is the case with Cary Fisher her mom signs her TTM requests. These are called secretarial signatures alot of celebs use secretary's to fill TTM autograph requests. Alot of people see this as a total failure and I agree to a point its not an authentic signature but at least they took the time to reply to there fans with something instead of refusing or sending pre printed pictures with facsimile autographs. Now autopens are another thing celebs and alot of politicians especially Presidents use to fill requests. Its a machine that signs the persons name for them, they can have several different signature styles. IV seen some autopen signatures that look almost hand signed but most have a squiggly line look to them like shaky handwriting and pressure points at the beginning and end where the pen stayed in one spot just a second longer leaving a little blacker dot. Unless your just a huge fan of a celeb who sends autopen or sec signatures I say save the stamps. Most TTM sites like and can help inform you who really signs and who doesn't remember my first step is research. Now that's not saying its impossible to get an authentic autograph from someone who uses a secretary or autopen if you write sincere heartfelt letters sometimes you can get lucky. Now enough of these TTM bad words and on to the best part of the hobby the successes. This week brought a great reply from the very lovely Sandahl Bergman it was great to finally add Valeria to my Conan collection along with Arnold, James earl Jones, and Gerry Lopez and who doesn't love Sandahl as Queen Gedren in "Red Sonja" took three months to return. Thursday brought two, first Don Rickles signed the two pictures we sent him just under two months wait. One got smudged but the one I really wanted the "Kelly's Heroes" poster picture he signed in sharpie and not pen like the other and returned perfect. Next was Larry Zerner you may remember him as Shelly from "Friday the 13th" part 3. He brought the hockey mask to scare his friends and i think we all know how that turned out. Fast 8 day turnaround. Friday brought two more success first "Let's Make a Deal" creator and host Monty Hall signed and returned one of the two pictures we sent only took two weeks. Next Two time superbowl MVP and Champion Eli Manning returned the two cards we sent him signed and in only 26 days. To finish off an amazing week we got Commander Data himself Brent Spiner he's my favorite character from TNG he signed both pictures and took only a few months to reply. Well that's all for this week. Thanks for stopping by ill be back next Saturday with all new autographs and addresses and be sure to stop by Wednesday for the mid week bonus horror blog. Until then. Keep graphing.

Sandahl Bergman
14315 Moorpark street
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423-2615
Don Rickles
10249 Century  Woods Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90067-6312
Larry Zerner
Zerner Law
1801 Century Park East
suite 2400
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Monty Hall
519 N. Arden Dr.
Beverly hills, CA 90210
Eli Manning
New York Giants
Giants Stadium
East Rutherford, NJ 07073
Brent Spiner
9454 Wilshire Blvd
4th floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90212-2907

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cpt. Caveman's bonus IP autograph super short Marshall Tucker edition.

Hello and welcome to a special IP autograph bonus blog. Last Night I went to see The Marshall Tucker Band in concert. For those that don't know they started in 1972 as a southern rock band and has had several great hit songs over the years including"Can't You See", "Fire on the Mountain", (not the same as the Dead song by the same name) and "Heard it in a love song". It was a great show with lead signer Doug Gray putting on a great show in between red solo cups the band was spot on playing so many great songs and just jamming out. After the show I waited around the stage area asking the roadies about autographs and the stage manager guy said no problem go around and come back stage. I was excited it was just me and an older lady asking about autographs she wanted her shirt signed for her sick sister that couldn't make it to the show. On the way we ran into Chris Hicks the lead guitarist we talked to him then asked for an autograph which he was happy to oblige with but only had a regular pen so I gave him my gold sharpie to sign our pictures, that started about 20 people coming over for him to sign so I told him keep the sharpie I had another with me. He thanked me and the older lady and me headed towards the back gate to go back stage we were ready for some more autographs. Weeeeell we get to the gate and the state fair security who has nothing to do with the concert stopped us wanting to know where we were going. We explained to him the bands stage manager told us come back stage. Ok he said what's his name... Lol no clue both of us were so excited about going we never asked, after a few more minutes of the very rude man we decided go back up front to see if we could find the roadie, manager or anyone that could help us but even the guitarist was gone by then so that ended our graphing for the night we waited around as long as we could before we gave up and left. Oh well at least we got one autograph and tonight I got a guitar pick from the Three Doors Down concert to add to my pick collection no autographs at that concert just wasn't the opportunity I tried, anyways that's about it Thanks for stopping by and ill be back Saturday with new autographs and addresses and next Wednesday with a special mid week all horror edition until then keep graphing.
Chris Hicks (IP success)
The Marshall Tucker Band
(L to R) Chris Hicks and Doug Gray

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Cpt. Caveman's Mid week bonus blog Music edition

Hello and welcome to the mid week bonus blog. This week's is an all music edition with some of our favorite musicians autographs and some tested addresses from the vault. Musicians or bands travel alot playing music all around the world with only limited down time before going back on tour or maby returning to the studio to work on a new album so they can be some of the hardest autographs to obtain. Some will sign if sent VV or via venue. Meaning if you research the current tour and find an address for the venue there playing at you can try to send your request's there instead of an agent or home address. Since there on the road so much this is the way to go sometimes. And for some the only way. The only problem with VV is you have to time your letter of request to arrive before they arrive at the venue I usually mail mine 5-7 days before the show date and its helped us to try to find a contact at the venue to send it to. You could try emailing someone at the venue to make sure they even pass mail along to the performers. Most will but some will not. We have also researched the bands head of security and sent our letters to the artist care of them at the venue address. We did that for the current Paul McCartney tour but got the same sorry he's no longer signing VV anymore letter that everyone else has received. If there not touring then I suggest you send to the record labels address or a home address if one can be found. So on to the autographs and addresses. These are a few of our favorites from our collection and the addresses we used. Enjoy and ill be back this weekend with new TTM successes from this week and next weeks mid week topic is Horror my favorite area of collecting. Until then happy graphing and keep writing those letters.
Ozzy Osbourne
c/o Regent House
1 Pratt Mews
London NW1 OAD
Huey Lewis
p.o. Box 3649
San Rafael, CA 94912
Eric Singer
EDM Productions
11684 Ventura Blvd
suite 408
Studio City, CA 91604
Tommy Thayer
p.o. Box 7147
Thousand Oaks, CA 91359
Grace Slick
5956 Kanan Dume Rd.
Malibu, CA 90265
Loretta Lynn
Loretta Lynn Ranch
44 Hurricane Mills Rd.
Hurricane Mills, TN 37078
Robby Krieger
1801 Century Park east
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Sir George Martin
AIR Studios
Lyndhurst Hall
Lyndhurst Rd.
London NW3 5NG

Monday, August 17, 2015

Cpt Caveman's bonus blog-Bellamy Brothers in person autographs

Hello and welcome to a Cpt. Caveman's special bonus In person autograph blog Bellamy Brothers edition. Tonight I went to see the Bellamy Brothers in concert at the WV state fair and after almost 40 years Howard and Dave Bellamy put on a great show. They started out in 1968. There crossover hit "Let Your Love Flow" gave them a #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1976. Since then they have had 21 #1 songs on the country charts and have released over 50 albums. The show started and I was as close as I could gets about 2 feet from center stage. They played all there hit songs and some new ones off there newest album it was an amazing show. Howard tossed me a guitar pick I would have been happy with just that but after they finished playing I figured id try for an autograph so I called to Dave asking for an autograph he pointed to the merchandise trailer and told me they'll be there in a couple minutes to sign autographs. I didn't waste any time rushing over there and was second in line with my photo in hand. Good thing to because the line quickly grew to a hundred plus people. After a minute or two wait Dave and Howard rode up on a golf cart and came inside to start signing. They were super nice and took the time to talk to me during the signing. I took a few pictures and moved on so i wouldn't hold the line up It was a great night a great concert and a good graphing opportunity I will remember forever.
Ill be back Wednesday with my mid week post this week its a special music edition next Wednesday will be an all horror edition and every Saturday with the weeks new TTM autographs until then happy graphing everyone.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Cpt. Caveman's TTM Autograph Collecting #5

Hello and welcome back fellow TTM graphers. I hope everyone had a great week collecting autographs. This week brings sad new. Wednesday former President Jimmy Carter announced that he has cancer and it has spread he is changing his schedule to accommodate treatment. He's always been a great signer and he's always held a special spot in my heart for being my first President. Our prayers go out to him and his family. So this week I thought id share a little about myself and my autograph collecting and why I started this blog. I have been collecting autographs since 1986. I was a young boy and every year at our homecoming festival the Current and Former Miss WV winners came and signed autographs at the local football field that was my first IP autographs and there still in my collection to this day but I was hooked after that. We live in a rural area so unless we travel there's not many IP autographs to be obtained luckily we live right next to the state fair grounds and with the PGA tour and NFL training camps now just a few miles away that gives us the occasional chance to try for IP autographs. So how do you go about getting autographs when you never have a chance to meet anyone? We discovered fan mail to be the best option for us and now its a hobby and passion my daughter Winter and myself both share. Who wouldn't want there favorite movie star or athletes autograph. In some cases maby your interested in history through autograph collecting it has given us a chance to own little signed pieces of history through the signature's of the people who made it, there are still astronauts, presidents and political figures, military leaders, scientists, authors and people that will fill the history books of tomorrow living and signing autographs today. I started this blog due to the fact that when we started collecting TTM we had no clue what we needed to do. We wasted money, time and stamps learning what to do. I'm still learning every day and since another autograph collecting friend of mine Brent suggested I do a blog to help inform others how to get into this amazing hobby and share tips and info here it is. So there you go now every Wednesday and Saturday I will bring you authentic successes that we have received and the addresses we used to get them. I'm always here for anyone wanting more info or if you have any questions about TTM graphing feel free to contact me or leave a comment. I'm glad you stopped by and appreciate everyone who takes the time out of there busy day to check out my blog. Thank you. Now on to what you really came here for the autographs and addresses. Monday brought a success from funny man and Monty Python member Michael Palin we sent him our DVD cover from Monty python and The Holy Grail back in mid June and took just under two months to return. He even personalized it by writing "Ni!" above his name. Who doesn't love The Lumberjack Song. Next Thursday brought a super fast reply from author, screenwriter, director, and along with George Romero co created the original Night of the living dead. It took only 5 days to get our pictures back signed. Friday brought a very cool and fast 13 day reply from the oldest living member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. At 97 Mr. Bobby Doerr is also the only ball player that played in the 1930's that's still living. He spent his entire career as a second baseman for the Boston Red Sox and was inducted into the HOF in 1986. That's it for this week. It was a slow TTM week for us but its not always about quantity but rather quality. Ill be back Wednesday with my mid week bonus blog, this week theme is music so make sure you stop by to see some of our favorite musicians autographs and more tested addresses from the vault. Until then happy graphing.

Michael Palin
MayDay Management
34 Tavistock Street
London, WC2E 7PB
John Russo
216 Euclid ave.
Glassport, PA 15045-1331
Bobby Doerr
94449 Territorial Rd.
Junction City, OR 97448

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cpt. Caveman's mid week bonus blog sports edition

Hello and welcome to a mid week bonus blog. Each Wednesday im going to start doing a mid week edition with each week having a different theme with some of our favorite autographs and tested addresses. This weeks is a sports edition blog. I thought id share a few of our favorite sports autographs from our collection and share a few more tested addresses we have used this year from the address vault. So enjoy and Ill be back this weekend with all new autographs and addresses. Saturday Sneak preview hint "Monty Python and the holy grail" and next weeks mid week bonus blog will be a special music edition. Stay tuned.
Yogi Berra (PSA authenticated)
Sid Bream
Pete Rose and Ernie Banks

Roger Wehrli(HOF)
Richard Petty(signed in silver above hood)
Irish Micky Ward (The movie The Fighter was based on Mr. Ward)
Richard Petty
Petty Enterprises, Inc.
7065 Zephyr place
Concord, NC 28027
Micky Ward
132 Upham St.
Lowell, MA 01851-4830
Sid Bream
115 Sable Run
Zelienople, PA 16063-3141
(requires a small donation we sent $3 for cards and $5 for the ball)
Roger Wehrli
204 Fox Haven ct.
O Fallan, MO 63368-6596
(he charges $10 for a card, for bigger items like 8x10s its $25 for mini helmets n jerseys its $50 you can write him for info but if you try without sending $ he will send it back unsigned with a price list)
Until Next Time
I'll be back every Wednesday and Saturday with new autographs and addresses thanks for visiting

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Cpt Caveman's beginner's guide to TTM autograph collecting

Hello and welcome everyone to a bonus post, this week I thought id do a step by step guide to our method of TTM autograph collecting to help any new collectors out there that may need a little info or help to get them started.

Step 1-Research
First thing I do is research the celeb or athlete i intend to write. I look to see what they are currently doing are they filming or retired, for musicians and bands maby there out on tour. I research for there addresses and management addresses. I look at there signing habits do they even sign autographs for fans. Some big name celebs wont sign period. They get tired of signing or seeing the items they thought they signed for true fans online for sell on eBay so they just dont sign. Luckily alot still do sign IP and TTM. When researching addresses a website that's been great for us has been but with enough online research you can find at least one contact address or email for about any celeb. For sports stars if a home address is unavailable try sending it to the teams stadium or training facility has worked well for us.

Step 2-What to send -pictures and printing
After I have my info and addresses then comes what I think is the hardest part. What do I want signed. We usually send 4x6 photos but others prefer 8x10s and others use 3x5 index cards. Some collectors send baseballs to everyone not just baseball players to have signed its really a matter of sending what you like. Choosing the perfect picture to get signed can be the hardest part. You want one that you like but it also has to have lighter areas for the celeb to sign. Some will sign with silver or gold sharpies that show up well on darker pictures but most of our reply's have been in black ink so I always try to choose pictures with a lighter background behind the celeb so they have a good area that they can sign in. For athletes sports cards are a great thing to have signed if you have them laying around might at well try to get some signed. We also started sending the DVD and bluray covers from our favorite films to be signed. Authors are usually happy to sign a copy of there book. To find the pictures I use I like to use BING to search for images of the person I want to send to or pictures from there films just go with what you like. After I find the pictures I use my cell phone to save the pictures I then transfer them to my laptop for editing if needed and to transfer to a standard size SD card. Iv tried saving the pictures off google search images but they always seem to print out fuzzy or are the wrong size. Then I either print them myself on my photo printer or I go to a place that has a photo kiosk then print my photos there. Now IV heard people try that at wall mart and have been hassled about copyrights. I asked my photo tech at the local chain pharmacy I goto they said as long as its not marked with a copyright and i pulled it offline then they consider it public domain and IV never had a problem printing my pictures there.

Step 3-Stamps and Envelopes
So after we have what we want signed the next step I do is get my request envelope and my SASE or self addressed stamped envelope ready. For envelopes we primarily use 4 1/8 inch by 9 1/2 inch strip and seal envelopes they fit 4x6 pictures perfectly and no licking or water to seal the envelope. I address the envelope to the celebs with my address in the return area and there's in the proper place. For my SASE I put my address in both spots to insure it returns to me that way even if it doesn't have proper return postage it will still return to me and not be sent back to the celeb. Then I write "please do not bend or fold thanks" on the front and the celebs initials very small on a back corner (incase it comes back empty and opened I know who to re write). Then put proper postage on both. For our 4x6 photos usually one stamp per envelope works. That gets us 2-3 pictures our letter and our SASE sent for one stamp and that's plenty for our return of just a couple pictures.

Step 4-Writing your letter of request
Now its time to write that letter. I usually write a full front page letter sometimes a front and back depending on how big a fan we are. We write sincere heartfelt personal letters to the celebs and not just a generic can I have your autograph letter. Sometimes that's all it takes but id rather be sincere its worked better for us. I write them thanking them for all the joy they have given us over the years. I tell them exactly why we are fans and not just we loved you in such and such movie. We tell them exactly how there work has touched our lives and thank them for it. After all that towards the end I add my request for there autograph followed by please and thanking them again for everything especially there time.

Step 5-Mail and wait
So you have your pictures and you're envelopes ready and you letter is written its time to neatly put it all in your request envelope, dont forget item to be signed, letter and SASE and seal it up check that proper postage is on both then drop it in you mail box and wait and sometimes wait some more lol sometimes your lucky and it only takes a week or two but usually it takes months or even a year or more before you might get a reply. Usually the bigger the celeb the longer the wait but not always its all in the luck of the draw when they pull your letter out of the fan mail pile and reply.

Step 6-log book
So after I send my letter a handy thing I do is keep log books. I write the celebs name and date I sent the request along with the address I used in the book and that way I can mark the date when and if its returned. Another tip is I dont hesitate once I find a working address I get a letter out the next day. They can stop signing at anytime you just never know and especially when its an older celeb I dont waste time getting my request to them they may develop health issues that can stop them from signing or maby just get tired of signing all these years. Its there choice to sign for us fans not something they have to do but I always appreciate the ones who do and I'm sure they appreciate us fans or they wouldn't reply at all.

Well everyone that's how we do it I hope this helps any new collectors looking to get into TTM autograph collecting. Ill be back this weekend with new autographs and addresses until then happy graphing.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Cpt. Caveman's TTM autographs #4

Hello and welcome back for another great week in TTM graphing. This week has brought some sad News we lost Wrestling legend Rowdy Piper and it looks like Gene Wilder may be finally finished signing TTM. I have seen several people getting letters back saying he is no longer signing. He stopped signing several months ago due to him doing a private signing for $ so he started using rubber stamped signatures to fill TTM requests but now it looks like he may be done for good. Ill keep you updated. This weeks tip is on writing your letter of request. I call TTM collecting a beggars hobby for the simple fact you have to go around asking for or writing a letter asking or begging lol for something you want their autograph. Usually the people we write to we are true fans and admire the work they do so writing a letter thanking them for everything they've done is pretty easy but I always research before hand so I know exactly what all they have done and what I'm thanking them for before I ask them for the autograph. I hand write a sincere letter usually one full page but sometimes longer depending on how big a fan we are. I always thank them for the joy they have given us through their work and tell them exactly why we are fans and not just I loved you on such and such show or you're my favorite player on my favorite team. I try to make it personal and not just a letter asking for an autograph I add my request in after all the buttering up towards the end of the letter and I always say please and thank them so much for there time at the end. Remember they probably get a ton of fan mail so usually about a entire front page should be good imagine how hard it would be to actually have time to fully read every fan letter. That would be a fulltime job just replying to our letters. Just remember to write a sincere heartfelt letters and the autographs will come pouring in. Now on to this weeks successes and addresses. After our super amazing monday (see our last post ) the week slowed down but Thursday brought some great reply's. First after a 8 month wait we got our pictures of Thumper from Disney's Bambi back signed by Peter Behn. Finally a great reply from singer, songwriter, musician, actor, Member of The Highwaymen and The country music hall of fame Kris Kristofferson. After trying last year at a california address we finally found a working address and it took just over a month to get our pictures back signed. Friday brought one reply but unfortunately the US postal service decided to rip it open and sent me the half of my return envelope back to me thanks USPS no clue who it was because they ripped the postmark off and the back corner I mark to know who's in there not the first time a envelope has returned opened and empty in transit so remember dont send something your not willing to loose. Winter received the only success Saturday she emailed Jack Hanna last week and today she received a signed photo of him. That's about it for this week I hope everyone has a great mail day and I'm adding a few tested addresses from the vault to this weeks addresses so until next time keep writing those letters.

Peter Behn
9785 Kimball Canyon Rd.
Park City, UT 84098-5687
Kris Kristofferson
P.o. Box 593
Hana, HI 96713-0593
Jack Hanna (email asking for autograph include you're address)
Bonus Addresses
David Spade
Desert Rat, Inc.
9100 Wilshire blvd.
suite 1000W
Beverly hills, CA 90212-3415
Jason Lee
Rabisi Entertainment group
3278 Wilshire Blvd
suite 702
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Charlie Watts
Halsdon Arabians
EX19 8RF
Simon Pegg
United Talent agency
9336 Civic center drive
Beverly hills, CA 90210-3604