Saturday, August 29, 2015

Cpt. Caveman's TTM Autographs #7

Hello and welcome back everyone I hope you all had an great week graphing TTM. This week I thought id talk about how I store my autographs to keep them protected. When I started collecting autographs I always framed my autos but I soon ran out of wall space and matting and framing every autograph you get back can get expensive. Now I only frame the larger pictures or posters that wont fit in my Binders. So I found the acid free(acid free is a must) heavy duty page protector's work the best for anything bigger than a 4x6 photo and work with any three ring binders. Usually found anywhere sports cards are sold or WalMart carries them but beware they also sell thin cheap page protectors also but its worth the extra $2 to buy they heavy duty ones. For the majority of my autographs I use three ring photo pages. They hold six 4x6's (three on each side) plus have a small pocket on the top corner that holds my business card sized blank autograph cards (I ordered blank business cards from vistaprint with one side white and the other you can customize however, mine are tie-dyed with my personal autograph collection printed very small I like these better than plain 3x5 index cards and they fit in my wallet incase the need arises you never know who you may run into so I keep cards and a pen on me and a cards and a sharpie in the car. I keep all the pages in good three ring binders the kind you buy for sports cards but any three ring binder would work. This keeps them safe and protected and out of the sunlight. I try to wear gloves when handling them to keep the oils from my hands off the paper. For signed balls I like BALLQUBE and BCW makes great acrylic golf ball holders and ultrapro regular sports card pages and plastic sleeves to store my signed cards This may not be the best way but its worked well for us and is a fairly inexpensive way to store you're collection. Now on to my favorite part and I'm sure yours the weekly successes. Monday brought one of my most wanted and the longest wait for a return. At 14 months it was totally worth the wait for the greatest Jason Voorhees ever Kane Hodder. He's been in so many other great films I loved him in the Hatchet films. Thursday brought the first reply for this season writing to the Walking Dead set in Atlanta. Josh McDermitt signed and personalized the two pictures we sent him almost four month wait and I hope its the start of the Walking Dead returns because I wrote almost every cast member this year. Friday Winter got an amazing return from the voice of Donald Duck himself Tony Anselmo. He been doing the voice work for our favorite duck since the mid 80's took 14 days to return.
To finish off the week Winter got Nascar's Ryan Newman after a two and a half month wait. She sent him one of her serial #d cards to be signed. Well that's it for this week another quality over quantity week but still great to even get one back every week until next time keep graphing and ill be back Wednesday for the mid week bonus blog gameshow/TV hosts edition and next Saturday with our all new successes.

Kane Hodder
26500 Agoura Rd.
Calabasas, CA 91302
Josh McDermitt
The Walking Dead (good till Nov 26th)
Raleigh Studios Atlanta
600 Chestlehurst Rd.
Senoia, GA 30276
Tony Anselmo
The Walt Disney Studios
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521
Ryan Newman
Ryan Newman fan club
p.o. Box 6028
Statesville, NC 28687

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