Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cpt. Caveman's bonus IP autograph super short Marshall Tucker edition.

Hello and welcome to a special IP autograph bonus blog. Last Night I went to see The Marshall Tucker Band in concert. For those that don't know they started in 1972 as a southern rock band and has had several great hit songs over the years including"Can't You See", "Fire on the Mountain", (not the same as the Dead song by the same name) and "Heard it in a love song". It was a great show with lead signer Doug Gray putting on a great show in between red solo cups the band was spot on playing so many great songs and just jamming out. After the show I waited around the stage area asking the roadies about autographs and the stage manager guy said no problem go around and come back stage. I was excited it was just me and an older lady asking about autographs she wanted her shirt signed for her sick sister that couldn't make it to the show. On the way we ran into Chris Hicks the lead guitarist we talked to him then asked for an autograph which he was happy to oblige with but only had a regular pen so I gave him my gold sharpie to sign our pictures, that started about 20 people coming over for him to sign so I told him keep the sharpie I had another with me. He thanked me and the older lady and me headed towards the back gate to go back stage we were ready for some more autographs. Weeeeell we get to the gate and the state fair security who has nothing to do with the concert stopped us wanting to know where we were going. We explained to him the bands stage manager told us come back stage. Ok he said what's his name... Lol no clue both of us were so excited about going we never asked, after a few more minutes of the very rude man we decided go back up front to see if we could find the roadie, manager or anyone that could help us but even the guitarist was gone by then so that ended our graphing for the night we waited around as long as we could before we gave up and left. Oh well at least we got one autograph and tonight I got a guitar pick from the Three Doors Down concert to add to my pick collection no autographs at that concert just wasn't the opportunity I tried, anyways that's about it Thanks for stopping by and ill be back Saturday with new autographs and addresses and next Wednesday with a special mid week all horror edition until then keep graphing.
Chris Hicks (IP success)
The Marshall Tucker Band
(L to R) Chris Hicks and Doug Gray

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