Saturday, October 31, 2015

Cpt. Caveman's TTM autographs #16

Hello and welcome back to another weekly TTM success post. It was a slow week for us unfortunately but I hope you all got some great returns. Have a Happy Halloween and be safe. Now on to the successes. Thursday brought a fast 28 day wait for Brina Palencia. She played a small role in the Walking Dead last season and has done alot of voice work one of our favorites is Mad Moxie from the Boarderlands video games. Friday after only a month and a half wait. Winter got both pictures she sent to Tom Selleck back signed. Friday brought another fast one and a half month wait for baseball legend Roger Clemens. We sent one photo and got a pre signed all-star picture back. Still very cool anyways that's it this week it was a slow TTM week but that's to be expected sometimes. So until next time. Have a great graphing week and I'll see you next week for more TTM autographs and addresses.

Brina Palencia
Mary Collins Agency, Inc.
2909 Cole Ave.
suite 250
Dallas, TX 75204
Tom Selleck
c/o NRA of America
11250 Waples Mill Rd.
Fairfax, VA 22030

Roger Clemens
Roger Clemens Foundation
1415 South Voss
suite 110
Box 518
Houston, TX 77057

Friday, October 30, 2015

Cpt. Caveman's TTM autographs Friday Favorites Halloween Horror edition

Hello and welcome to our Friday Favorites special Halloween horror edition. So enjoy a few of our favorite horror autographs and if its a TTM favorite and the address is still valid it'll be there to. Happy Halloween everyone. Ill be back tomorrow with this weeks successes with new autographs and addresses.

Sean S. Cunningham
Crystal Lake Entertainment
4420 Hayvenhurst Ave.
Encino, CA 91436

Amy Steel
P.o. Box 29
Manzanita, OR 97130

Bill Mosley
John Carpenter
Storm King Productions
8033 W. Sunset Blvd
suite 1044
Hollywood, CA 90046
Heather Langenkamp
Julie Adams
Vera Miles
Betsey Palmer

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cpt. Caveman's TTM autographs Wednesday addresses

Hello and welcome back everyone to another mid week address post. I have run across some great address this week so get writing letters. Remember these haven't been tested by us yet but are other successes we run across through the week. Some we try others we dont. So good luck and enjoy. Also on the last saturdays TTM successes we got Billy Joel after closer examination it looks like he sends autopen autographs so unless your just a huge fan and want one save your stamps. I'll be back Friday with a special Halloween favorites and this Saturday with our weekly TTM successes with new autographs and tested addresses.

George Forman
P.o. Box 1405
Huffman, TX 77336
Patton Oswalt
Generate Management
8750 Wilshire Blvd
Suite 200
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Bill Wyman
Quietus Management, Ltd.
The Phoenix Brewery
13 Bramley Rd.
W10 6SP
Junior Johnson
3200 Seven Eagles Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28210-5938
Dwight Stephenson
4785 Tree Fern Dr.
Delray Beach, FL 33445-7025
Jessica Walter
27 West 87th Street #2
New York, NY 10024-3005
Lauren Lapkus
Odenkirk Provissiero Entertainment
1936 N. Bronson
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Ted Turner
c/o Turner Foundation
133 Luckie Street, NW
2nd Floor
Atlanta, GA 30303
Pete Sampras
6816 Verde Ridge Rd.
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275-4638
Diamond Dallas Paige
DDP Yoga
7800 The Bluffs
suite C
Austell, GA 30168
Cory Feldman
Scott Carlson Entertainment, Inc.
5739 Bucknell Ave.
Valley Village, CA 91607

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Cpt. Caveman's TTM autographs #15

Hello and welcome back everyone to another weekly TTM successes post. I saw the first Carter autopen/pre-print this week but it was from a email request to the Carter Center not a TTM request. Also this week I ran across a Caitlyn Jenner fail. The picture was returned unsigned. Not really sure if it was a mistake on her end or if she's done signing for now. Ill keep you updated as I run across more successes or failures. So I hope everyone had a great week collecting TTM autographs ours was a little slow at first but we still got a few amazing returns. Monday brought a fast two week wait for Tim Allen to return Winters Galaxy Quests DVD cover. We are trying for the Galaxy Quest main cast now and hopefully Tim is the first of more to come. Thursday we had another great success from the Walking Dead set. After a five and a half month wait we finally got Deanna. Tovah Feldshuh signed both pictures we sent. So happy to start getting some new cast members hopefully the others we wrote reply soon. To finish off the week Saturday brought a few great replys. First another walking dead cast member. After almost 6 months Winter got a great return from Meyrick Murphy. She played Meghan and signed both the pictures Winter sent and she also sent her a nice thank you card signed. Next after a short almost two month wait. Lily Tomlin signed and returned both photos we sent. Love her she's such an amazing an funny actress. To finish of the week we got an amazing reply from the Piano man himself Billy Joel. We sent one 4x6 and he sent us a signed 8x10 back and just under six months. He's such a great musician and IV always loved his music. That's it for this week. Ill be back Wednesday with more TTM addresses and next Friday is a special Halloween Horror Favorites and as always every Saturday with out weekly TTM successes with new autographs and addresses.

Tim Allen
Boxing Cat Productions
11500 Hart St.
North Hollywood, CA 91605-6203
Tovah Feldshuh
c/o The Walking Dead season 6 (good until Nov. 29 2015)
Raleigh Studios Atlanta
600 Chestlehurst Rd.
Senoia, GA 30276
Meyrick Murphy
J Pervis Talent Agency
949 Image Ave.
suite C
Atlanta, GA 30318
Lily Tomlin
Neuman & Associates
16255 Ventura Blvd.
suite 920
Encino, CA 91436-2317
Billy Joel
Maritime, Inc.
34 Audrey Ave.
unit 5
Oyster Bay, NY 11771

Friday, October 23, 2015

Cpt. Caveman's TTM autographs Friday Favorites

Hello and welcome back to Friday Favorites. Every Friday we show some of our favorite autographs from our collection and if its a TTM favorite we put the address if its still valid. This weeks favorites is from one of my favorite movies the original Conan. So enjoy and ill be back tomorrow with this weeks TTM successes with new autographs and addresses.

James Earl Jones
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Sandahl Bergman
14315 Moorpark St.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423-2615
Gerry Lopez
Gerry Lopez Surfboards
P.o. Box 1202
Bend, OR 97709

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Cpt. Caveman's Wednesday's TTM addresses


Hello and welcome back to the Wednesday addresses. I hope everyone is having a great week and is ready for some new addresses to try out. In honor of the day Marty showed up in the future 10-21-15. I'm changing the blog logo today to my Bob Gale autograph. He wrote Back to the Future for those that didn't know he also has done some amazing work writing for comics. Sadly it still looks like President Carter is just about finished with TTM autograph requests. A few are getting letters stating that due to his health and treatment schedule he can no longer fill requests. Now the same note was sent with there picture back signed or some have gotten the letter then a day or two later they get there autographs back but these look like they sent them around first part of this year. So maby he's getting to those few that's still in his fan mail pile. Some have gotten pre signed back but I haven't seen any auto pen successes yet. Ill try to keep you updated. He's been so amazing to his fans. Name another living President that has signed for pretty much anyone that's asked over the years. So now for some more TTM addresses. Enjoy and ill be back this Friday and Saturday with more TTM autographs and addresses.

Markham, Froggatt, & Irwin
4 Windmill St.
London W1T 2HZ
Britney Spears (until Dec. 27 2015)
"Piece of me"
Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino
3667 Las Vegas Blvd
S. Las Vegas, NV 89109
Martin Sheen
P.o. Box 6530
Malibu, CA 90264
Greg Brown
c/o Boston College Athletes
Cante Forum
140 Commonwealth Ave.
Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
Michael Caine
8 Flitcraft St.
London, WC2 H8DL
Martin Kove
23616 Fambrough St.
Newhall, CA 91321
Dayton Callie
Abrams Artist Agency L.A.
9200 Sunset Blvd
11th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Robbie Amell
c/o Protege Entertainment
710 E. Angeleno Ave
Burbank, CA 91501
Grant Gustin
Robert Stein Management
1180 S. Beverly Drive
suite 304
Los Angeles, CA 90035
Jimmy Kimmel
Jackhole Industries
6834 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
Kat Von D
High Voltage Tattoo, Inc.
1259 N. La Brea Ave.
W. Hollywood, CA 90038
Skylar Stecker (email request)
James May(email request)

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Cpt. Caveman's TTM autographs #14

Hello and welcome back everyone. This week was an amazing week for us but first some bad news. It looks like Chris Pratt is done signing autographs for now anyways. Now instead of signing for his loving and loyal fans he's decided to switch to a rubber stamped autograph. It looked like he was finally catching up with his fan mail this week but when everyone started looking the autographs seemed a little off. After everyone finished comparing they all are identical stamped autographs. Hopefully some time in the future when he's not so busy he will go back to signing but only time will tell and I guess a stamp is still better than nothing at all. So now on to our weekly TTM successes. Monday brought an amazing reply from everyone's favorite 80's alien. Paul Fusco the creator and voice of Alf signed or season one DVD cover and in just under a month he even signed ALF. Tuesday was a special day. Unfortunately first before the good comes the bad we finally got a return from Chris Pratt after a five month wait only to get a stamped autograph. Kinda disappointed but hey its better than nothing. The next success may just be my all time favorite TTM autograph so far. After almost Ten months Sam Jones returned one picture signed. Flash Freakin Gordon come on how amazing is that lol plus we loved seeing him in Ted and Ted 2. I used the Legend 3 agency address but that's now out of date so I'm putting his new address. Next Winter got a super fast two week reply from Freddy Krueger himself Mr. Robert Englund and just in time for Halloween. After that Lin Shaye sent our two pictures we sent back signed plus she sent another 8x10 signed photo from the new Insidious and only took twenty days. The next one was an amazing success from the Twist Master Mr. Chubby Checker. In just two weeks we got our two pictures back signed and he also signed and dated our letter and sent it back. To finish off this amazing day Ziggy Marley son of Legendary musician Bob Marley and an amazing musician himself signed one of the two pictures we sent and it returned in just 23 days. That's it for this week. I hope everyone is writing and getting some great returns to. Remember it won't come back if you don't send it. Ill be back this Wed. with more TTM addresses and every Friday with the favorites and as always every Saturday with our weekly TTM successes.

Paul Fusco
Imagicom Productions, Inc.
10100 Santa Monica Blvd
suite 1300
Los Angeles, CA 90067-4114
Sam J. Jones
Del, Shaw,Moonves, Tanaka, Finkelstein & Lezcano
2120 Colorado Ave.
suite 200
Santa Monica, CA 90404
Robert Englund
1278 Glenneyre
PMB #73
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Lin Shaye
c/o Buchwald & Associates
6500 Wilshire blvd.
suite # 2200
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Chubby Checker
Twisted Entertainment
320 Fayette St.
2nd Floor
Conshohocken, PA 19428
Ziggy Marley
Tuff Gong Worldwide
8391 Beverly Blvd. #124
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Friday, October 16, 2015

Cpt. Caveman's Friday Favorites

Hello and welcome back to the Friday Favorites. Each Friday I show some of our favorite autographs from our collection. As always if its a TTM favorite I'll add the address if its still valid. This week in honor of the season 6 premier of The Walking Dead im doing an all Walking Dead favorites. The set address is still good till the end if November so there's still time to get a few letters out and try for you're favorite characters. Enjoy and make sure you come back tomorrow for our weekly TTM successes its been an amazing week you don't want to miss it. And as always every Wednesday is the mid week addresses and every Friday for the favorites so until then get writing.

Cast signed poster (IP)
Jeffrey DeMunn
P.o. BOX 373
Round top, NY 12473
Lauren Cohan

Steven Yuen
Andrew Lincoln
Chandler Riggs
Josh McDermitt
all but DeMunn are from writing to the set address during filming of seasons 5 and 6.
"The Walking Dead" season 6
Raleigh Studios Atlanta
600 Chestlehurst Rd.
Senoia, GA 30276
The set address is good till November 29 2015 so there's still time to try.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Cpt. Caveman's mid week TTM addresses

Hello and welcome back. I hope you're ready for some more addresses to try out. Remember these addresses haven't been tested by us yet but are other successes I run across during my address hunting for the week. Some I do try so always keep an eye out on Saturdays successes to see if we have had any luck but they are current working addresses so get writing. Enjoy and ill be back Friday with the Favorites and Saturday with this weeks successes and its been an amazing week so far you definitely dont want to miss this Saturday's post so until then good luck and happy graphing.

Rebecca Holden
Velvet Glove Productions, Inc.
105 Macy Dr.
Hendersonville, TN 37075-8634
Rick Manning
c/o Cleveland Indians
Progressive Field
2401 Ontario St.
Cleveland, OH 44115
Jon Voight
Crystal Sky Communications, LLC.
10203 Santa Monica Blvd.
5th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90067
John DiMaggio
The Gersh Agency, Inc.
9465 Wilshire Blvd
6th Floor
Beverly hills, CA 90212
Lucie Arnaz
P.o. Box 330
Georgetown, CT 06829
Jared Harris
Gateway Management Company
860 Via De La Paz
suite F10
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272
Ian McKellen
Independent Talent Group
40 Whitfield St.
London W1T 2RH
Oliver North
Freedom Alliance
22570 Markey Court
suite 240
Dulles, VA 20166
Jimmy Smits
P.o. Box 49922
Barrington Station
200 S. Barrington Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90049
Dakota or Elle Fanning
Echo Lake Productions
421 South Beverly Dr.
6th Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Colin Trevorrow
3 Arts Entertainment
9460 Wilshire Blvd
7th Floor
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Mean Joe Greene
(requires $50 signing fee by money order)
P.o. Box 270953
Flower Mound, TX 75027

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Cpt. Caveman's TTM autographs #13

Hello and welcome back to our Saturday TTM successes. We had a great week and I hope you did also. This week I'm going to talk a little about sending requests Via Venue. Via Venue or VV addresses are the addresses of the set or theatre that the celebs performing or filming at and is a great way to try for harder to get celebs. Some bigger actors or music groups can only be obtained TTM by sending your request VV. Its not a guaranteed thing and VV can be tricky. First you have to time your letter to arrive while the celeb is actually there. I usually send 5 to 7 days before the actual show date for plays or music acts. Usually tv show and movie set addresses give you a longer time to try but if there doing a play or its a concert your window may only be a day or two. A good thing to do for those is first email the venue to see if they even pass mail along to the performers. Most do but some will not. This step will save time and stamps no point sending a letter if they wont pass it on. Usually tv/movie production companies are great about passing on fan mail. For musicians I am always checking there websites for tour dates and locations. Most name the venue and with a little online research the venue address can be easily found along with a contact email to inquire about them passing on mail. I hope to start doing a weekly VV address post soon so keep an eye out for that. When i send my request i send it to the celebs name then c/o or care of the venue. So now on to the fun part the weekly successes. This week started of great with Monday bringing four returns. First Winter got Steve Wilkos. We love his show and emailed him asking for an autograph and 19 days later she got it. Next Winter got an amazing reply from Ben Savage. She sent him a nice letter and two pictures at the Girl Meets World set. He only signed one but he also got the other six Cast members on the photo to sign it to. She's super excited. Along with Bens signature Danielle Fishel, Rowan Blanchard, Sabrina Carpenter, Payton Meyer, August Maturo, and Cory Fogelmanis also signed. Took one month and five days to return. After that Sondra Locke signed two photos super fast at just under two weeks. She's been in so many great movies but our favorite is The Outlaw Jose Wales. To finish off Monday Louise Fletcher signed our Cuckoos nest DVD cover and a blank autograph card we sent. She was also kind enough to add a third signed photo for us. She's an amazing actress and only took two weeks to reply. Friday Winter got a return from George Mendonsa. He is the supposed sailor kissing the nurse on the V.J. Day kiss photo in times square. He signed her photo and with a fast two week wait. That's it for this week ill be back Wednesday with more TTM addresses and Fridays Favorites and every Saturday with our TTM successes and tested addresses so until then have a great graphing week.

Ben Savage
c/o Girl Meets World
1201 West Fifth street
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Sondra Locke
7465 Hillside ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046-2228
Louise Fletcher
Barneston Corporation
1520 Camden ave.
Apt. 105
Los Angeles, CA 90025-3443
George Mendonsa
9 North Drive
Middletown, RI 02842

Friday, October 9, 2015

Cpt. Caveman's Friday Favorites

Hello and welcome back to Fridays Favorites. Every Friday I show some of our favorite autographs from our collection and when its a TTM favorite I add the address if its still valid. This week I'm showing a few of our favorite signed DVD covers so enjoy and ill be back tomorrow with our weekly TTM successes.

Peter Noone (in person)
Wes Craven
Susan Sarandon
P.o. Box 1218
New York, NY 10113
Mel Brooks
Brooks Films, Ltd.
9336 W. Washington blvd.
Culver City, CA 90232
Michael York
9100 Cordell Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90069-1718
Adam West
Adam West Enterprises
400 East Ave.
P.o. Box 3477
Ketchum, ID 83340
Mia Sara
Andrew J. Freedman Personal Management
20 Ironsides St.
suite 18
Marina del Rey, CA 90292