Saturday, October 3, 2015

Cpt. Caveman's TTM autographs #12

Hello and welcome back everyone to our weekly TTM successes. This week I'd like to talk about something very important in our hobby. Every week I search through alot of websites, blogs, autograph groups on social media. One thing I see alot of is collectors that wont share addresses. Now don't get me wrong I'm with the ones who put in time and research to find a working address that is not as well known. The joy you get when your hard work pays off and then everyone starts asking for that address. Some feel if you want it bad enough you'll put in the time and effort to find the address. Besides its out there you just have to look and research. So they wont share or maby just give you a clue. I understand that and it doesn't bother me one bit. What bothers me is ones who wont share because they say that there afraid of the address getting over used and then stop working or want to sell you the address. My problem is that this person has usually sent 5 or more items to get signed. Not just one or two but 4-5 pictures or more come on. These same people then post successes and offer to sell the addresses and usually the autographs on there page or sites but refuse to share addresses for free. That's what's killing the hobby not the sharing of addresses between collectors but Greed. Why worry if the address stops working you already have five autographs. Do you really need more unless your a dealer. Some are for charity and no problem there that's amazing they turn there hobby into a way of helping others. I personally feel guilty about sending two pictures (one for my collection and one for Winters) and sometimes a third if its a gift for a close friend or family. Maby you have alot of fans of a celeb and you want to get autographs for them that's great but write different requests and explain what your doing. With most huge celebs I'm happy to even get one photo back signed and some celebs have even sent an extra signed photo. So if you need extra autographs write once and send one or two pictures to get signed then a little later write again. I see story's all the time of celebs begging people to not sell there autographs online. Eventually they get fed up and stop signing all together. I know some people make there living selling autographs that's amazing also but if you're getting your inventory TTM and selling straight to eBay please only send one or two like the rest and retry. Dont ruin it for the true collectors out there. That's one reason I started my blog to share addresses and ideas to people who truly enjoy TTM autograph collecting. That's all for this weeks rant lol I just had get that off my chest and now on to our weekly TTM successes. Our week started Tuesday. First winter got a reply from Betty White. She's so amazing to her fans. Winter sent her a 3x5 index card and she got a nice 8x10 back signed and only a three month wait. After that came a great reply from Rob Hedden director of Friday the 13th part 8. He signed the two pictures we sent plus he sent Winter another signed Clock Stoppers picture and a nice signed note and took only a little over two weeks. Friday only had one success but it was from football great Archie Manning. I was super happy to get him because he finishes my Manning trifecta of Archie, Payton and Eli Manning autographs. I sent two photos but only one returned signed and in only 15 days. To finish off our week Florence Henderson returned two signed personalized pictures on Saturday and in just under a month. Who doesn't like the Brady Bunch. That's it this week. Dont forget to check back every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday for more TTM autographs and addresses.

Betty White
P.o. Box 491965
Los Angeles, CA 90049
Rob Hedden
Thunderhead Productions, Inc.
2905 Zell Drive
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Archie Manning
Archie Manning office
639 Loyola Ave.
8th Floor
New Orleans, LA 70113-3125
Florence Henderson
FHB Productions
P.o. Box 11295
Marina Del Ray, CA 90295-7295

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