Wednesday, July 29, 2015

PGA Tour In person successes at The Greenbrier Classic

Hello and welcome to a special IP autograph blog I thought it would be fun to share our successful day of graphing the Pro Am they held earlier in July for The Greenbrier Classic in White Sulpher Springs West Virginia. The day started with the plan to try for Tiger Woods early in the morning due to the fact that Willie and Jase Robertson would be teeing off around noon and my daughter Winter just had to meet them and try for there autographs. We arrived early and immediately went on the hunt for Tiger. There wasn't alot of people out yet so when we finally caught up with him there was only around 10 people following him. We followed him for a few holes trying to get close enough to ask but never got the opportunity. Finally our chance came when he had to cross over in an unroped area to get to the next tee he walked within 15 feet of us Winter grabbed her ball and sharpie n took off after him because he stopped to sign a photo for someone else she got about 2 feet from him and froze for a second then ran back to me lol she got nervous. I immediately grabbed the ball n sharpie but it was to late he was already behind the rope and out of reach. We followed him the rest of the morning standing with everyone else at every cross point trying to get an autograph but after that chance in the morning he barly payed any notice to all the kids screaming for an autograph Winter included. After giving up on Tiger we still has some time before the Duck dynasty guys showed up so Winter went ahead getting as many PGA pros autographs that she could.
Heath Slokum took his used glove off and signed it for her, Will Wilcox gave her a signed ball and along with the 20+ golfers she acquired she got golf legend John Daly after following him for a bit she got the chance to get close enough to ask for an autograph he told her follow him so she did she ducked under the ropes and followed him to the next tee and he signed her golf ball. She tried for Shaq but he didn't stop for anyone kinda disappointed but still cool to see him in person he's huge lol. She did get legend Lee Trevino as he was caddying for Shaq and Hotel owner Jim Justice. Finally it was time for Jase and Willie to tee off and Winter was ready she loves the show. Jase came along and everyone rushed him for autographs including Winter he only signed a couple then told everyone if they wanted a autograph to keep up and follow him. After trying for several holes winter finally got her chance to meet and get his autograph she was super happy but now it was time to get Willie. We walked until we found a good spot that Willie would have to pass by right next to the green and the cart path. With pure luck Willie hit his ball right in front of Winter and me. Winter was ready with blank autograph card and sharpie in hand as he walked right up to us spoke and signed winters card. She was so excited to finally get those two to go with her TTM Uncle Si autograph. It was a great day for graphing winter got 26 autographs all together even tho we didn't catch Tiger or Bubba we still had a great day together doing something we love.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Cpt. CaveMans TTM autographs #2 Bonus address's

Hi and welcome back I thought I add a few more addresses from some of our successes from the past few months. I'm also having a twitter contest that ends this Sunday Aug 2nd 2015 so look for my Follow + RT to win tweet on Twitter @cavewv to enter. The addresses listed were all tested by and successful for us.

Dewey Martin
1821 Santa Cruz St.
San Pedro, CA 90732-2727

The Lion King (request signed playbill)
c/o Arebella Powell
Minskoff Theatre
200 W. 45th Street
New York, NY 10036

Joan Leslie
2228 N. Catalina St.
Los Angeles, CA 90027-1127

Michael York
9100 Cordell Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90069-1718

Richard Armitage
United Agents Ltd.
12-26 Lexington St.
London, W1F 0LE

That's all for now everyone until next time keep writing those letters and remember you never know unless you try.


Captain CaveMans TTM autographs #2

Hello and welcome back to the Captain CaveMan weekly TTM autograph collecting blog. I'm back with another great week in TTM graphing before I get to our successes and addresses I thought id share a tip each week that's helped us out along the way. My first and most important tip is DO NOT HESITATE. I can not stress this enough. A celebrity or athlete can stop signing suddenly for any number of reasons. Maby there just tired of signing or maby they signed a contract for a private signing that requires then so stop signing IP or TTM for a period of time. As soon as I find a working address I write a sincere handwritten letter and mail it first thing the next day. I figure they get alot of mail and the faster I get it to them the faster we hopefully get it back and incase of older celebs we just never know when we will lose another great artist so never hesitate. I have been seeing some rejection letters from James Earl Jones stating he's currently to busy to sign. Sad news it takes a while but he's usually pretty good to his fans. I'm sure he'll start signing again sometime in the future he's done this before. Now to the best part our successes and addresses. This week started pretty good my daughter finally got a reply from President Jimmy Carter she got his wife last month using the same address. Then she got her Shaquille O'Neal card back signed. We got to see him at a PGA event at the beginning of July but he never really stopped to sign much but more on about that story on a special blog one day. My successes started with the awsome Tommy Thayer for any of you KISS fans he's a great signer but only signed one of the two pictures we sent. One of my favorite reply's so far came this week from Beetle Bailey creator Mort Walker. We sent him a comic strip glued to a white cardboard backer board. He signed his name and drew a sketch of Beetle under the comic strip so happy about this one. Super Funny man Bob Newhart showed up next he signed both pictures we sent tho they got a little smudged in our return SASE. That's it for this week the addresses we used are as follows if you would like to see pictures of all our autographs you can follow me on Twitter @cavewv

Jimmy Carter (also good for Rosalynn)
The Carter Center
one coppenhill
453 Freedom parkway
Atlanta, GA 30307

Shaquille O'Neal
Mine O Mine, Inc.
P.o. Box 951840
Lake Mary, FL 32795-1840

Tommy Thayer
p.o. Box 7147
Thousand Oaks, CA 91359

Mort Walker
c/o Comicona Corp.
61 Studio Court
Stamford, CT 06903-4724

Bob Newhart
420 Amapola Ln.
Los Angeles, CA 90077-3411


Captain CaveMans TTM autographs #1

Hello its the captain here id like to welcome you to the First post of my TTM autograph collecting blog. Each week I will be posting the successes my daughter and myself receive during the week and when possible the addresses we used. I will also try to keep you informed on any TTM autograph collecting news and tips that's helped us out. So lets get to what everyone came here for the successes and addresses. Since this is the first post I'm going back a few weeks for some extra addresses. All addresses will always be listed at the bottom of every post. First we received an amazing reply from football hall of famer Dick Butkus he signed 2 pictures for us and only a 20 day wait. Next the beautiful Dawn Wells from Gilligan's Island is signing we sent her one picture and returned signed in 16 days. After that we received a reply from Mr. Alan Oppenheimer anyone who grew up in the 1980s should know him from his voice work on so many of our favorite Saturday morning cartoons including The Smurfs and He-Man just to name a few we sent him a DVD cover from The Never ending Story as he also voiced Falkor, The Rockbiter and the Nothing in the film it was returned signed and inscribed Falkor in under 20 days. Next to show up was the Golden bear himself. Golf legend Jack Nicklaus signed one photo for us only took 8 days. To end the week Mr. Robert Clary who played Frenchie in Hogans hero's sent our picture back signed in 10 days and one of my most wanted Kyle Maclachlan after several attempts at a few different address's finally replied signing one of two pictures we sent just under two months to returns. Its been a great couple weeks for TTM graphing ill be back every Sunday with new working tested address's and news thanks for visiting the addresses we used are as follows:
Dick Butkus
21467 Ramba Vista
Malibu, CA 90265

Dawn Wells (only one picture per request)
10153 1/2 Riverside drive
suite 680
Toluca Lake, CA 91602

Alan Oppenheimer
Atzorap Productions
200 N. Swall Dr.
unit 405
Beverly hills, CA 90211-4727

Jack Nicklaus
Golden Bear international, Inc.
11780 US Hwy 1
suite 500
N. Palm beach, FL 33408-3007

Robert Clary
10001 Sundail lane
Beverly hills, CA 90210-2719

Kyle Maclachlan
7985 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90046