Wednesday, July 29, 2015

PGA Tour In person successes at The Greenbrier Classic

Hello and welcome to a special IP autograph blog I thought it would be fun to share our successful day of graphing the Pro Am they held earlier in July for The Greenbrier Classic in White Sulpher Springs West Virginia. The day started with the plan to try for Tiger Woods early in the morning due to the fact that Willie and Jase Robertson would be teeing off around noon and my daughter Winter just had to meet them and try for there autographs. We arrived early and immediately went on the hunt for Tiger. There wasn't alot of people out yet so when we finally caught up with him there was only around 10 people following him. We followed him for a few holes trying to get close enough to ask but never got the opportunity. Finally our chance came when he had to cross over in an unroped area to get to the next tee he walked within 15 feet of us Winter grabbed her ball and sharpie n took off after him because he stopped to sign a photo for someone else she got about 2 feet from him and froze for a second then ran back to me lol she got nervous. I immediately grabbed the ball n sharpie but it was to late he was already behind the rope and out of reach. We followed him the rest of the morning standing with everyone else at every cross point trying to get an autograph but after that chance in the morning he barly payed any notice to all the kids screaming for an autograph Winter included. After giving up on Tiger we still has some time before the Duck dynasty guys showed up so Winter went ahead getting as many PGA pros autographs that she could.
Heath Slokum took his used glove off and signed it for her, Will Wilcox gave her a signed ball and along with the 20+ golfers she acquired she got golf legend John Daly after following him for a bit she got the chance to get close enough to ask for an autograph he told her follow him so she did she ducked under the ropes and followed him to the next tee and he signed her golf ball. She tried for Shaq but he didn't stop for anyone kinda disappointed but still cool to see him in person he's huge lol. She did get legend Lee Trevino as he was caddying for Shaq and Hotel owner Jim Justice. Finally it was time for Jase and Willie to tee off and Winter was ready she loves the show. Jase came along and everyone rushed him for autographs including Winter he only signed a couple then told everyone if they wanted a autograph to keep up and follow him. After trying for several holes winter finally got her chance to meet and get his autograph she was super happy but now it was time to get Willie. We walked until we found a good spot that Willie would have to pass by right next to the green and the cart path. With pure luck Willie hit his ball right in front of Winter and me. Winter was ready with blank autograph card and sharpie in hand as he walked right up to us spoke and signed winters card. She was so excited to finally get those two to go with her TTM Uncle Si autograph. It was a great day for graphing winter got 26 autographs all together even tho we didn't catch Tiger or Bubba we still had a great day together doing something we love.

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