Saturday, August 1, 2015

Cpt. CaveMans TTM autographs #3

Hello and welcome back I hope everyone had a great week and hopefully got some great autographs in the mail. Ours started out a little slow so I thought id start off with some more helpful tips. So how do I go about getting so many amazing autographs thru the mail well first I research who I'm attempting to contact I do alot of online search's to find out what they are currently doing. Are the working filming one of our favorite shows or new movies maby they might be on Broadway or doing a show in a Vegas so maby I can write to the venue. For sports stars I find spring training a better time to write and not while they are busy with the regular season. I try to find out if the person ever signs autographs TTM some celebs dont sign TTM or rarely do some only sign IP or In person and others only sell their autographs off a website or convention. Others may not sign at all there is never any guarantee that anything you send thru the mail will ever return so only send something you're willing to loose. After all that I look for addresses hopefully a home address but mostly its management addresses and then they forward the mail or the celebs pick up fainmail on occasion. A great site for addresses that's worked amazingly for us is star tiger is another good site but its a pay site and fan is free. After I have the address I write a sincere handwritten letter enclose it with a Self addressed stamped envelope for my return I always put my address in both spots on my return envelopes incase they might need extra postage it will still be returned to me and then I add the photos to be signed I usually send 1-2 pictures sometimes 3 but never more than 3 i dont want to make them mad or think we are dealers. I send 4x6 photos there cheaper to print and easier to store. Always put proper return postage on you're SASE. Foreign postage can be purchased online or traded with other collectors. If foreign postage can't be found I put $2-3 in for return postage. Finally its time to mail you're request and then wait. This isn't a hobby for impatient people as It could take a year or longer for bigger celebs to return your pictures signed if they even come back at all but when one does return there's no better feeling. So on to the weekly returns the week started off slow with no returns until Thursday when Winter received her picture of Alice signed by Kathryn Beaumont she's signing one item per request and voiced Alice in Disney's Alice in Wonderland and Wendy in Peter Pan. Thursday was a great day for me first I got the always lovely Academy Award Winner Susan Sarandon she's been in so many great films Thelma & Louise and Dead Man Walking just to name a few but we sent her our DVD cover from The Rocky Horror Picture Show and she signed and personalized it Wow! Next Ex Wrestler Ex Governor all around awsome Mr. Jesse Ventura I loved him in Predator and The Running Man he signed two pictures of him from Predator and also signed the blank autograph card we sent and only took 8 days. To finish off Thursday I received my two football cards back signed from former Steelers running back Rocky Bleier 4 time Superbowl Champ he was seriously wounded in Vietnam after he joined the service after his rookie year. After being told he would never play again he came back stronger than ever and finished his career in 1980 another super fast reply only taking 5 days to return. Saturday brought two amazing returns First Miss Ruta Lee who stared in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and played along with the Rat Pack in Sergeants 3, she also did alot of TV shows including The Twilight Zone. We received two pictures back signed and personalized and only took 16 days. Finally to end the week we got The always funny Terry Gilliam from Monty Python. He does all the animation for Python but did you know he's also a director of great films like Time Bandits and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas took about 5 months for the return and they got alittle smudged in the return envelope but still great success. That does it for this weeks autographs. I will be back every Saturday or Sunday with new posts and addresses thanks for stopping by and see you next week. The addresses we used are:

Susan Sarandon
p.o. Box 1218
New York, NY 10113
Rocky Bleier
c/o Rocky Bleier Inc.
711 Filbert St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15232-2403
Jesse Ventura
100 Apple Orchard rd.
St. Paul, MN 55110
Kathryn Beaumont
c/o The Walt Disney company
500 S. Buena Vista st.
Burbank, CA 91521
Ruta Lee
c/o Judith Diamond
19231 index street
unit 1
Northridge, CA 91326-1654
Terry Gilliam
Casarotto Ramsay & Associates, Ltd.
Waverly House
7-12 Noel street
London W1F 8GQ

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