Saturday, August 1, 2015

Captains Bonus blog to other autograph collecting methods and favorite autographs

Sir George Martin
Hello and welcome to a bonus edition of my autograph collecting blog. I thought I would talk about some other ways to acquire autographs rather than TTM and show you some of our favorite pieces from our collection. So what if there's that one celeb or athlete who's autograph you just have to have but either they no longer sign or maby there no longer with us what then. For those that have already passed on then endorsed checks are a great way to obtain there autographs and can usually be found on numerous auction and autograph site. Even rare signers who didn't sign many autograps signed checks in there lifetime so there out there for the finding. There are numerous sites online that sell authentic autographs. BEWARE always research what your buying there are many more fake autographs online then real. Look at alot of examples of the person your trying to get from all periods of there life. Alot of autographs claim to come with a COA or certificate of authenticity and unless it comes from one of the major authenticator's there pretty much worthless just a piece of paper. Alot of collectors swear by JSA, PSA/DNA 3rd party authenticator company's but ask alot of serious collectors and they will tell you that they have seen numerous fake autographs authenticated by one of the major authenticator's. They just have so many items sent in to authenticate that they just cant devote the time it really needs to determine authenticity. A few of the major dealers are now suing the 3rd party authenticators claiming they run an autograph cartel of sorts running any dealer who doesn't believe in there sub par authentication standards and failing any autograph sold by dealers that wont play ball with them so to speak. EBAY can be a great place to find autographs but like I said earlier buyer beware there are plenty fakes on eBay or autopen and secretarial ( more on those on a later post)signatures that are being sold as authentic autographs. Todd Muellers website is a great place for autographs and sometimes have some really rare pieces and some great lower priced pieces. Just remember always research signature examples if it just doesn't look right to you or it doesn't look like you're examples even with an authenticated COA I say pass. Conventions are another great way to acquire autographs plus you get to meet the celebs or athletes but that usually comes at a price. You usually have admission fees then celebs charge a rate for there autographs anywhere from $30-40 range up to $100-200+ depending on convention and fame level of celebs. Huge sports stars are some of the higher priced graphs to get. Funny sometimes a celebrity charges good money at cons for autographs but will sign TTM for free. If your lucky enough to live in California or NYC you can just go out and get autographs in person by researching the events that certain celebs will be attending and hang out and wait and hopefully catch a glimpse and ask for there autographs or after concerts try waiting around there's always a chance. The area we live in only offers the rare chances for IP autographs so that's why we collect TTM. So that's about it for now I thought it would be fun to show you some of our favorite pieces from our collection enjoy and until next time this is the Captain signing out.

Robbie Krieger from The Doors

The Late Betsy Palmer

Pete Best the Beatles original drummer before Ringo
Than man the myth the legend Dr.Spock

Homer Simpson

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