Monday, August 17, 2015

Cpt Caveman's bonus blog-Bellamy Brothers in person autographs

Hello and welcome to a Cpt. Caveman's special bonus In person autograph blog Bellamy Brothers edition. Tonight I went to see the Bellamy Brothers in concert at the WV state fair and after almost 40 years Howard and Dave Bellamy put on a great show. They started out in 1968. There crossover hit "Let Your Love Flow" gave them a #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1976. Since then they have had 21 #1 songs on the country charts and have released over 50 albums. The show started and I was as close as I could gets about 2 feet from center stage. They played all there hit songs and some new ones off there newest album it was an amazing show. Howard tossed me a guitar pick I would have been happy with just that but after they finished playing I figured id try for an autograph so I called to Dave asking for an autograph he pointed to the merchandise trailer and told me they'll be there in a couple minutes to sign autographs. I didn't waste any time rushing over there and was second in line with my photo in hand. Good thing to because the line quickly grew to a hundred plus people. After a minute or two wait Dave and Howard rode up on a golf cart and came inside to start signing. They were super nice and took the time to talk to me during the signing. I took a few pictures and moved on so i wouldn't hold the line up It was a great night a great concert and a good graphing opportunity I will remember forever.
Ill be back Wednesday with my mid week post this week its a special music edition next Wednesday will be an all horror edition and every Saturday with the weeks new TTM autographs until then happy graphing everyone.

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