Monday, August 3, 2015

Capt. Cavemans Super Amazing Monday Autograph Mail Day bonus blog

Hello and welcome back. I usually post new successes every weekend after all the mail for the week has arrived but today was such an amazing mail day I just had to share in an extra special bonus blog. Sadly I did see another letter returned from Gene Wilder saying he is no longer signing autographs. Looks like the days of free Willie Wonka autographs may be over. So on to this super special amazing Monday mail day. I had two great successes but Winter is the winner of the day. First she got an amazing reply from the OG of Gotham city Adam West he signed her Batman the movie DVD cover he used to be a great signer but seems he's getting selective on his returns but true fans who write sincere letters will have no problem, next she got Wes Craven back after only two short weeks a must have for any horror fan or Nightmare on elm street lover out there another fast reply at 2 weeks and he is great to his fans. To finish off Winters amazing Monday she got a reply from one of my most wanted Mel Brooks. I tried him last year and received a pre print 8x10 so this time Winter wrote a nice long sincere letter to him and he signed her bluray cover from Spaceballs how amazing is that. My day was not as good asWinters day but still great. After 3 attempts golf legend Arnold Palmer finally sent my picture back signed took about a month each try but worth it. Also note he does not sign Upperdeck cards or golf balls only photos and non UD cards. To end off my day the hilarious Ruth Buzzi from Laugh In remember that great show. I know my more cultured readers ( nice way of saying us older folks lol) remember the show but for you newer generations its definitely worth checking out. We sent her two pics of the cast but for some unknown reason she sent us two signed personalized dated pieces of nice note pad paper still super happy to have received anything back at all. Well folks that about wraps it up for today stay tuned for this weekends regular blog with all new tips, news, autographs, and addresses until next time this is the Captain signing out. The addresses we used are as follows:
Mel Brooks
Brooksfilms, Ltd.
9336 W. Washington blvd
Culver city, CA 90232
Adam West
Adam West enterprises
400 East ave.
p.o. Box 3477
Ketchum, ID 83340
Wes Craven
Power & Twersky
13801 Ventura Blvd
Sherman oaks, CA 91423
Ruth Buzzi
31159 N. State highway
Mingus, TX 76463-6409
Arnold Palmer
Arnold Palmer enterprises
9000 Bay hill blvd
Orlando, FL 32819-4880

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