Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Captain CaveMans TTM autographs #2

Hello and welcome back to the Captain CaveMan weekly TTM autograph collecting blog. I'm back with another great week in TTM graphing before I get to our successes and addresses I thought id share a tip each week that's helped us out along the way. My first and most important tip is DO NOT HESITATE. I can not stress this enough. A celebrity or athlete can stop signing suddenly for any number of reasons. Maby there just tired of signing or maby they signed a contract for a private signing that requires then so stop signing IP or TTM for a period of time. As soon as I find a working address I write a sincere handwritten letter and mail it first thing the next day. I figure they get alot of mail and the faster I get it to them the faster we hopefully get it back and incase of older celebs we just never know when we will lose another great artist so never hesitate. I have been seeing some rejection letters from James Earl Jones stating he's currently to busy to sign. Sad news it takes a while but he's usually pretty good to his fans. I'm sure he'll start signing again sometime in the future he's done this before. Now to the best part our successes and addresses. This week started pretty good my daughter finally got a reply from President Jimmy Carter she got his wife last month using the same address. Then she got her Shaquille O'Neal card back signed. We got to see him at a PGA event at the beginning of July but he never really stopped to sign much but more on about that story on a special blog one day. My successes started with the awsome Tommy Thayer for any of you KISS fans he's a great signer but only signed one of the two pictures we sent. One of my favorite reply's so far came this week from Beetle Bailey creator Mort Walker. We sent him a comic strip glued to a white cardboard backer board. He signed his name and drew a sketch of Beetle under the comic strip so happy about this one. Super Funny man Bob Newhart showed up next he signed both pictures we sent tho they got a little smudged in our return SASE. That's it for this week the addresses we used are as follows if you would like to see pictures of all our autographs you can follow me on Twitter @cavewv

Jimmy Carter (also good for Rosalynn)
The Carter Center
one coppenhill
453 Freedom parkway
Atlanta, GA 30307

Shaquille O'Neal
Mine O Mine, Inc.
P.o. Box 951840
Lake Mary, FL 32795-1840

Tommy Thayer
p.o. Box 7147
Thousand Oaks, CA 91359

Mort Walker
c/o Comicona Corp.
61 Studio Court
Stamford, CT 06903-4724

Bob Newhart
420 Amapola Ln.
Los Angeles, CA 90077-3411


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