Saturday, September 9, 2017

Cpt. Caveman's TTM Autographs #113

Welcome back to another weekly TTM success post. Unfortunately I see alot of collectors asking about the authenticity of an autograph after they've already purchased it. Then after they learn that the signature is a forgery they get defensive and argue it has to be authentic because it came with a certificate of authenticity or COA. Some even refuse to purchase autographs with out a COA and purchase the autograph solely on the COA alone and never check the actual signature. As most seasoned collectors know a COA is pretty much as worthless as the paper it's printed on. Anyone can print a COA. Some forgers even copy other companies COA's and pass them off with the fake autographs. Just because the autograph has one doesn't automatically make it authentic. Now some trust a few major authentication companies COA's or stickers but alot of collectors still don't and refuse to use them or pay a fee for essentially an non guaranteed opinion. Even the major third party authentication companies have made mistakes and in my opinion those stickers they put on the fronts of signed photos ruin perfectly good signed pictures. So do the research and put the time into comparing autographs with known examples before you buy and don't purchase or assume anything is authentic just because it has a COA or has been authenticated. Just a little time and effort will save you alot of money and heartache. Now on to this weeks successes. Friday finally ended the thirteen day dry spell when we received three nice signed pictures from the one and only Jackie Chan. It's so great to finally add him to our collection and only took three months. That's it for this week. Have a great graphing weekend and I'll be back next week with more TTM autographs and address's.

Jackie Chan
Jackie & JJ Productions
145 Waterloo Road
Hong Kong

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