Saturday, May 21, 2016

Cpt. Caveman's TTM Autographs #45

Alan Young
Welcome back to another weekly TTM successes. I hope everyone had a great week with a bunch of returns in the mail we sure did.Sadly we lost Alan Young this week. Well known for his work as Wilbur on "Mr. ED" but he also voiced Scrooge McDuck . He was 96 and was great to his fans and at signing TTM. I even ran across a success on the day he passed away so he was still signing almost till the end. A great loss and he will be missed. It looks like John Williams who created so much of the amazing music for the films we love may be done signing TTM. I'm now seeing Pre Signed and Pre Prints coming back with a letter saying he is to busy to sign but if you have already written him there may be hope because a few signed ones have also returned but it looks like things are changing in the past he has signed or sent small cut index card signed now we just have to wait to see more returns to find out if he's really done or not. Now on to the successes. Monday started off with two super cool successes. First after a fast seven days to return we received both pictures back signed from John Wheeler. Great addition to my Trek collection and he also sent us two small unsigned pictures of his character Gav. To finish off the day I received an amazingly awesome reply from Steve Buscemi. After trying several times over the past few years he finally signed and returned our "Boardwalk Empire" pictures. So happy to finally get this great actor and only took a month and a half this try. Wednesday we received our "Reno 911" DVD cover back signed from Thomas Lennon. Very cool VV return from a very funny and great actor and only took two months to return. Thursday was a great mail day with one RTS and three successes. First a RTS from Amber Nash using the Atlanta Models & Talent address. They tried forwarding it to another address but still came back. The first success was from Kurtwood Smith. IV been a fan since "Robocop" and we both loved him in "That '70's Show" he signed both pictures plus sent up a cool 8x10 using his own envelope and postage and only took three weeks. Next after only one month we received our DVD cover from "Caveman" and our autograph card back signed by Richard Moll. For some reason he signed the back of the DVD cover but I'm still happy loved him on "Night Court". To finish off the day we received a great reply from Harry Manfredini who composed the music for "Friday the 13th". We send a picture and autograph card and he signed both and wrote the music notes on our picture and he also sent a nice signed 8x10 using his own envelope and postage taking just over two months to return. Friday brought one awesome success. After my first try came back unsigned and crumpled up about two years ago I decided to retry for legendary guitarist Slash. This time I sent my Velvet Revolver CD book and three days shy of a year later it returned signed. Super happy to finally get him in our collection. That's it this week. Have a great weekend and ill be back next week with more TTM autograph collecting goodness.

John Wheeler
414 Troy Ct.
Claremont, CA 93013-3127
Steve Buscemi
c/o Altman, Greenfield & Selvaggi
200 Park Ave. South
8th Floor
New York, NY 10003-1526
Thomas Lennon
VV-"A Futile & Stupid Gesture"
Kurtwood Smith
1146 N. Central Ave.
Glendale, CA 91202
Richard Moll
P.o. Box 2286
Big Bear City, CA 92314
Harry Manfredini
26904 Carmelita Drive
Valencia, CA 91355 
P.o. Box 57593
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403


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