Saturday, May 14, 2016

Cpt. Caveman's TTM Autographs #44

Welcome back to another Weekly TTM success post. This week I'm going to talk about Pre Prints or PP for short. Now most of you seasoned TTM collectors out there know what PP autographs are but for those newer collectors out there a PP is what celebs send to fill TTM autograph requests when they dont really care about there fans lol. I'm joking I'm sure they care they are just to busy to actually reply or something like that. Anyways PP autographs are not hand signed but more like a photocopied signature or facsimile. Most are really nice photos and do usually show a good example of the celebs signature but that's about all there good for unfortunately. Unless you just happen to be a huge fan then I guess a PP is better than nothing. So how can you tell if your autograph is a PP or an authentic hand signed autograph. On some PP autographs you can see the old dot matrix type printing but some of the newer PP photos can be hard to tell the difference between and is why you see alot for sale actually listed as an authentic autograph. So I look for the flow and pattern of ink. PP are usually a uniform solid color and ink has flow lines and streaks. A magnifying lens is a handy item to have around to examine your autographs. Another way to tell ink from PP is texture. PP are flat with no raised texture because they are part of the photo and the ink from a pen or sharpie is actually on top of the photo so its raised and can be felt (I always wear white cotton gloves when handling my autographs to protect them from the dirt and oils on my hands). Something you have to watch for is stamped signatures there raised off the paper also but a stamped signature is also easy to spot and then some PP are pressed into the photo so there's an indentation where the signature is. You can also shine a bright light on the signature. PP usually disappear in the bright spot because its under the gloss and ink will flash in the light because its on top of the gloss of the photo. Blue ink flashes a purplish color and black ink will flash a reddish tone when exposed to a bright light. I hope this helps and Now on to the successes. Monday brought a RTS from Jennifer Carpenter from the Limitless Set address. Tuesday came with the first real return of the week when we received both pictures back signed from Marc Singer. In less than a month he signed and returned our "Beastmaster" and "V" pictures and he also sent us a nice handwritten thank you letter super cool success. Thursdays brought three returns. First winter received a signed 8x10 from Jim Davis and only took twenty days and who doesn't love Garfield. Next she got both pictures back signed from John Morris. He did the voice work for Andy in the "Toy Story" films and it took just under a month to return. To finish off the day I received both pictures back signed from Bob DeSimone. He played the ambulance driver in "Friday the 13th A new beginning". Great addition to my Friday collection and only twenty days to return. Friday brought an addition to my walking dead collection when Beth Keener returned both pictures signed. She played Annie and unfortunately that character is already zombie chow. Took just under a month to return. To finish off the week first we received one of the two pictures we sent to Yvonne Furneaux back signed and with just under twenty days to return. To finish off the day and this great week we received a very cool return from Kevin Costner. It took about two months to get our "Man of Steel" DVD cover and a picture from "The Hatfield's and McCoy's" back signed super amazing success from the set of "Hidden Figures". That's it for this week. Ill be back next week with more TTM autographs and tested addresses.

Marc Singer
c/o David Shapira & Associates
193 N. Robertson Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Jim Davis
c/o Paws Inc.
5440 East County Road 450 N.
Albany, IN 47320
John Morris
JE Talent
323 Geary Street
suite 302
San Francisco, CA 94102
Bob DeSimone
Triton USA
31320 Via Colinas
suite 103
West Lake Village, CA 91362
Beth Keener
c/o Houghton Talent
919 Collier Rd. NW
Atlanta, GA 30318-2533
Yvonne Furneaux
19 Cherry Road
N. Hampton, NH 03862
Kevin Costner
VV-c/o "Hidden Figures"


  1. It looks like you had a really good week for returns, especially considering some of the big names represented here. For me personally, the success from Yvonne Furneaux is easily the best. I had no idea she was living in the U.S.

  2. Thanks. I was super happy about her return even though she only signed one of the two pics we sent but at least she signed the one I wanted the most lol