Saturday, January 7, 2017

Cpt. Caveman's TTM Autographs #78

Hello and welcome to the first weekly TTM success post of 2017. I hope everyone had a great graphing week to start off the new year. With all the craziness that came with 2016 I'm actually excited and happy for a new year. My graphing new years resolution for 2017 is to try for more In person attempts and focusing more on my 'Star Trek : TOS' cast and Horror collection with our TTM attempts. Now this doesn't mean I'm only going to write to people in those categories because diversity keeps the hobby fresh and exciting. I love the feeling I get when I open the mailbox and see a returned SASE. It could be anyone in that envelope, maby one of our favorite musicians, actresses, actors, athletes, authors or someone who will be in our future history books that we've written to or it could be nothing but a RTS, Pre Print or an unfulfilled request it's always a gamble but when stars align and you finally open that envelope and see the ink it's the greatest feeling and I'm so glad I can share that feeling with my daughter Winter who loves collecting autographs as much as I do and all you amazing TTM collectors who come here to see our successes every week. So we wish you all the best of luck for your autograph attempts in 2017 and now on to this weeks TTM successes. No mail Monday due to the federal holiday but Tuesday brought the first return of 2017 when we received our "Married with Children" DVD cover and IC back signed by Steve Rhodes himself David Garrison. A great way to start the new year and it took just under three months to return. Wednesday brought a great addition to our Star Trek collection when we received both pictures back signed from Gene Dynarski. He even wrote his name under Deforest Kelly on the "Mudd's Women" poster picture as an extra bonus and it took just under five months to return. Friday brought another great return when after only two weeks we received both pictures back signed from Keir Dullea. Unfortunately one smudged a little but still a very cool success. That's it for this week. Everyone have a great weekend and I'll be back next week with more TTM autographs and addresses.

David Garrison
c/o Cornerstone Talent Agency
37 West 20th Street
Suite 1007
New York, NY 10011
Gene Dynarski
P.o. Box 17081
North Hollywood, CA 91615-7081
Keir Dullea
310 W. 72nd Street
New York, NY 10023-2675

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