Saturday, November 5, 2016

Cpt. Caveman's TTM Autographs #69


Welcome back for another weekly TTM success post. So this week I was looking at autographs on EBay when I started noticing something that worried me. I ran across several people selling photos of celebs signing autographs to be used as proof photos for what I'm guessing is so that the fake autograph dealers can purchase them to offer "Photo Proof" for the horrible fake IP graphs they're selling. Why else would someone pay $15-20 for a picture of a celeb signing autographs. They even use the word Proof Photo in the description and some even in the title. This worries me because alot of dealers now offer proof photos as a form of COA to prove that the autographs real. Most of these are just pictures of the celebs signing stuff and they don't show the item being sold actually being signed. Other do offer exact photo or video proof that shows the actual item getting signed. I like those a little better because you can compare the item and the autograph with the photo to see if everything matches up but I usually try to avoid the autographs with generic proof photos that don't show the item or the autograph being signed. I'm my opinion proof photos are just as worthless as a COA so don't just rely on them an assume the autographs real because it has a COA or proof photo. Do your research by comparing to as many authentic examplars that you can find. I even do that with autographs that come with COA's from those reputable 3rd party authenticators even they can make mistakes. So be careful before you purchase autographs don't rush, take your time and do your homework. Now on to this weeks TTM successes. Monday started the week off with an amazing five returns. First after just under two months we received all three pictures back signed from Earl Holliman. He signed our two and one for my dad. Next after only two weeks we received both pictures back signed from Bozo the Clown Mr. Joey D'Auria and he even signed our cardboard we put in to keep the pictures from bending. Next it was an amazing Star Trek TOS mail day because the last three all came from actors from the original series. After just under two months we received both pictures and an index card signed by Geoffrey Binney. After that Michael Barrier signed both Star Trek pictures we sent and only took nine days to return. To finish off this amazing day we received all three pictures back signed from Bruce Mars and with a quick seven days to return. Thursday brought another three great returns. First after just under seven months we received one of the two pictures we sent to Loretta Swit back signed. Next after less than a week we received both pictures back signed by Ronn Carroll who played the cop in "Friday the 13th". To finish off the day an amazing return from Bill Randolph. He signed our two pictures and sent three signed 8x10's and a nice signed note and it took him about seven months to reply. Friday brought two more returns. First Winter received her picture back signed with an autopen from Paul Ryan. He also sent her a letter answering a couple questions she asked and he actually signed the letter so that makes up for the autopen picture and only took two weeks to return. To finish off the day I received a signed bookplate from Condoleezza Rice after requesting one from her contact page and it only took about two months to get it. To finish off this super TTM week Winter received a very cool via venue success from Daniel Tosh. She sent a couple of 4x6 pictures but he sent her a signed 8x10. We both love "Tosh.0" so Winters was excited when she opened this one up and it only took nine days to return. That's it for this amazing TTM week. Have a great weekend and ill be back next week with more TTM autographs and addresses.

Earl Holliman
4249 Bellingham Ave.
Studio City, CA 91604
Joey D'Auria
c/o CESD Talent Agency
333 Seventh Avenue
11th Floor
New York, NY 10001
Geoffrey Binney
49810 Avenida Montero
La Quinta, CA 92253-2326
Michael Barrier
2919 SE 153rd Ave.
Vancouver, WA 98683-5176
Bruce Mars
3880 San Rafael Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90065
Loretta Swit
Artist Group
1650 Broadway
Suite 1105
New York, NY 10019
Ronn Carroll
155 Covey Hill Lane
Greenville, SC 29615
Bill Randolph
c/o NY Daily News
4 New York Plaza
New York, NY 10004
Paul Ryan
1233 Longworth HOB
Washington, D.C. 20515
Condoleezza Rice
Daniel Tosh
Via Venue

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