Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cpt. Caveman's TTM Autographs #40

Welcome back to another weekly TTM success post. I hope everyone had a great week with a full mailbox. Here's good news for you Britney Spears fans that haven't gotten her thru her Vegas show "Pieces of Me" yet. She has now extended the show until September 10 of this year and if you haven't tried her the address is out there and ill add it on next Wednesday's address post for those interested. Since its almost In Person autograph season for us I thought id talk a little about IP attempts. Since we live in a rural area there's not many chances for us to try to get autographs in person without major travel. We do get the PGA and concerts and the occasional book signing and now some NFL and NBA training camps locally so that gives us a few chances. I'm not sure if everyone has seen the news with people trying to obtain an autograph getting attacked or the occasional celeb that flips out on the autograph hunter ( granted some times these are the few bad dealers and more than likely deserved it or someone trying at a very inconvenient time lol ) and sometimes its just an odd scene like with the Vince Neill, Nic Cage incident recently when Vince slammed a woman trying to get Nics autograph (Vince is now denying these charges saying he only pushed by the person). Could these blemishes on the hobby been avoided? Maby. We've never had any bad experiences other than them just passing us buy or the occasional security guy on a power trip, our IP attempts have been fun and exciting. We always try to be polite and ask by Mr. or Ms. So and so instead of being one of the people who just scream Hey sign this. IV seen alot of adults push kids out of the way to get closer for an autograph at the PGA events. Now these are not fans doing the shoving but older guys with backpacks full of pictures and balls and such (The PGA event here requires any bag you bring to be transparent lol). If there are kids trying for autographs and your an adult please let the kids in there first. Dont shove them aside to get a signature. Help them out maby there shy and nervous. I know Winter was her first time at getting IP autographs ( lol it cost us a Tiger Woods autograph but that's a story for another time or if you've been here since the beginning you already know ) but once she got that first IP she was hooked and there was no stopping her from getting 23 autographs on her first time out ranging from PGA pros, sports stars, and tv stars. If your a dealer with a stack of things for the celeb to sign that's fine but let the true fans get there items signed first or just get one or two like everyone else and if time allows go back for more after everyone else. Help each other out. If you see other collectors dont see them as competition but as an ally in this amazing hobby. If your polite and respectful you should have no problem getting those IP autographs in your collection. Now for the successes. Monday we received Winters book back signed by OJ Simpson lawer Robert Shapiro. After a friend gave me his assistants contact info. We inquired about getting her book signed and they were very helpful. Such a great addition and Winters happy and it goes well with our signed OJ Simpson book. Tuesday brought another return. This one from Mike Farrell after just under two months we received both pictures back signed. IV been a huge "M.A.S.H." fan forever and supper happy to add him to our collection. Thursday brought two more returns. First in under a month our "SOAP" DVD cover returned signed by Diana Canova. Showing my age with this one lol if you haven't seen the old show "SOAP" I highly recommend it. Such a great and funny show from back in the day. To finish off the day we received both pictures back signed by William Sargent. We sent two star trek pictures a nice sincere heartfelt full front and back fan letter about ten days before. I was surprised because he sent an extra signed picture from "Twilight Zone". At first I thought because the trek pics kinda smudged so he added an extra but once I saw the inscription I had to laugh. If you can't tell from the photo he writes ALL YOU FANS WRITE THE SAME "FORM LETTER" then signs his name lol. Not sure if we caught him on a bad day or if he's getting burnt out or he's tired of the Trek n Zone fans just writing when he's done alot of other amazing work, but I don't think we wrote a generic fan letter either. I always try to make it personal in some way and stand out because I know they get a ton of just generic or like he writes Form letters, so I really try not to. Lol oh well at least he signed and a great addition to our Star Trek collection. Friday only had one reply. After only ten quick days we got both pictures back signed from Val Kilmer. Super cool success. IV heard some say his TTM returns are secretarial. Others say there authentic. I'm still undecided. I already have a poetry book he wrote signed and authenticated by PSA. Ill add that photo so you can compare and decide for yourself if you want to try him. To finish off the week Winter got her DVD booklet from "Men in Black" back signed by Tommy Lee Jones. It took two months on our second try in two years but we finally got him. I can't find the address we used I thought I wrote it down but sometimes with so many letters going out I do forget. That's it for this week. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and I'll be back next week with more TTM autograph collecting goodness.

Robert Shapiro
Mike Farrell
11333 Moorpark Street
Studio City, CA 91602
Diana Canova
10 Long Meadow Lane
Redding, CT 91602
William Sargent
655 G Street
Salt Lake City, UT 84103-3245
Val Kilmer
Michael Yanni Management
1642 North Fairfax Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(My PSA authenticated Val Kilmer book for comparison)
Tommy Lee Jones


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