Saturday, December 5, 2015

Cpt. Caveman's TTM autographs #21

Hello and welcome back to the weekly successes. I hope everyone's week went well. This week I thought id talk about paying for autographs either buying from a reputable dealer or in most cases paying the celeb or athlete money at conventions or off a website, private signing and even TTM some require money to sign. I'm mainly sticking to the ones that charge to sign autographs for today. Now I for one dont mind paying someone for an autograph if I'm a fan and as long as the price is reasonable. I started thinking about this the other day when i ran across a story about a Tom Brady private signing. The cheapest option was $649 for a flat picture signed and the prices just go up for signed balls or jerseys and dont forget about the inscription that'll bring it to almost $800 for an autographed photo of your all time favorite player (he'd have to be your all time favorite to shell out that kind of cash lol) Wow. Like I said earlier I dont mind one bit paying for an autograph. Some older celebs and athletes make there living that way and that's perfectly fine. Most charge reasonable prices and you get to meet your hero so that's a bonus. I'm a huge fan of the celebs now selling autographs online. The prices are usually fair and it comes straight from the person and its a great way to obtain some cool autographs if going to cons is not an option. Why people buy autographs on eBay when they can buy direct from the celeb for usually cheaper still amazes me. As for TTM alot of older athletes and Hall of Famers require a fee to sign or a donation to there foundation or charities and that's an amazing way to help the fans and autograph collectors and the charity's so its a win win. So what's a reasonable price? I dont think I personally would pay over $100 for an autograph of a living person I wasn't meeting at the time of the signing like off there website or TTM for cons id pay a little more just for the experience of meeting the celeb to get the autograph. Most I run across range from $25-50 a fair price. I just can't see paying those multi hundred dollar private signing prices like the $650 Brady or $400 Gene Wilder unless you're just a super fan and have to have it but that's just my opinion. Charging for autographs is fine when the price is reasonable and its not a company doing a private signing just sticking it to the fans and true collectors. Some celebs charge $ at cons or off a website and sign for free TTM its entirely up to the celeb. So now time for the weekly successes. Thursday finally ended our Ten day dry spell it looks like the Holliday slump has finally hit. That's the longest wait between successes we've had in a while but the amazing Mr. Gary Busey returned our DVD cover from Silver Bullet back signed and in just around two months. It usually slows down for us around December I guess the celebs are enjoying the holidays just like everyone else. To finish off the week we got a great return from Lt. Starbuck and A-Team's Face Mr. Dirk Benedict. He signed both pictures we sent and also sent me a cool signed card and with a super fast eight day wait. We also got a studio fan mail reply from Kim Basinger. We sent a dvd cover to an address I found a few months ago it didn't come back but a 8x10 pre print returned oh well. That's it this week I'll be back next week with more TTM autographs and addresses. Have a great weekend and happy graphing.

Gary Busey
P.o. Box 2871
Malibu, CA 90265
Dirk Benedict
Tenderfoot Enterprises, Inc.
Attn: Dirk Benedict
P.o. Box 634
Big Fork, MT 59911

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