Saturday, September 19, 2015

Cpt. Caveman's TTM autograph collecting #10

Hello and welcome back everyone I hope everyone had a great week and got some amazing autographs in the mail. IV been seeing a few authentic replys from Gene Wilder so I was hoping he was back to signing but now it looks like he's finally stopped TTM requests all together for good. He's now sending letters explaining why he's stopped so save your stamps. So this week I'm going to talk about stamps and return postage. Now if your mailing a letter to a celeb in the country you live in then no problem just goto you're local post office and buy stamps, but what if that celeb lives in another part of the world then what do you do? There used to be IRC's or international reply coupons you could purchase from the postal service and then the celeb can use those for return postage but unfortunately they have stopped selling and using them recently here in the US. Now you have to purchase stamps from the country's postal service or trade stamps with another collector. As a last resort I will include several dollars for return postage but I really dont like to do that I figure the least I can do is pay for the postage for my return envelope so I try to find stamps and send cash only if absolutely no other option is available. If you happen to have that country's currency then that's better to send than US $'s but its not likely we all have a bunch of foreign money laying around and a couple US dollars really isn't much good in other post offices around the world. So if you can't find another collector in that part of the world to trade with and I'm sure there's alot of collectors in other countries that need return postage from the US. I'm always looking for others to trade stamps with so if any UK or Canadian collector's need US stamps just comment or send me an email. Im listing links to the sites to buy foreign stamps at the bottom of the post also. For my overseas returns usually one stamp works for a regular white envelope but more may be required for larger envelopes. I also add the tiny blue By Airmail stickers on my return envelope iv obtained those by trading with others and im not sure if royal mail sells them i was told there free at UK post offices so if you email and inquire its possible they will send them when you purchase stamps online. I'm adding a picture for example of a stamp I use for the UK returns at the bottom of the post. So now how about mailing from the US to the UK or Canada. You need a US Global Forever stamp from the post office. There just over $1 a piece and one usually covers postage for our letters and pictures and SASE using a regular white envelope or the smaller mid sized brown manila envelopes. So I hope that helps anyone wanting to try overseas and if all else fails send a few $'s they can donate it to there charities or do whatever they want to do with it, most are pretty good about covering return postage if you can't find it or use the wrong kind by mistake. So now on to the weeks autographs and addresses. Monday I was super shocked to see a fast reply from an amazing musician. After only a 3 week wait Gordon Lightfoot signed and personalized two photos. I really didn't expect a reply at all let alone a fast one but it was a great way to start the new week. Thursday was one of those rare special TTM days first a bumper sticker and a letter from Donald Trumps staff thanking winter for her support, she sent a picture and SASE but they either kept it for maby when he's around or more than likely trashed it lol but no autograph from trump. The other four envelopes (that's right I said 4 lol) were all very good replys starting with the Candyman himself Tony Todd. IV been huge fan since the "Night of the Living dead" remake about 5 week wait and super happy to add him to our collection. Next came a reply from Carol Burnett she's such a lovely funny lady and even signed a photo to my mom and super fast at 16 days. The next one had Winters reply from Caitlyn Jenner in just under a month she's alot faster at replying than Bruce was. We wrote him last year and we are still waiting. The last and final success of the day was from one of our favorite comedians next to the late Robin Williams. Billy Crystal signed and personalized two pictures but oddly enough he signed on the back our pictures, there is one of him in the Princess Bride and one from Soap. Took 34 days to return and still super happy no matter where he signed them at. So that's it for this week I'm glad it picked back up after the week we had the mail box will probably be light on autographs but you never know when an older reply might come in so you just never know. Anyways I hope you all have a great week ill be back every Wednesday and Saturday with addresses and TTM autographs and now every Friday with our new Friday Favorites with some of our favorite autographs from our collection. Until then keep writing and sending those letters, you gotta send it to get it. Happy graphing everyone.

Gordon Lightfoot
Early Morning Productions
1365 Yonge Street
Toronto, ON M4T 2P7
Tony Todd
Sampson and Associates
11110 Ohio Ave.
suite 104
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Carol Burnett
Mavel Cat, Inc.
9663 Santa Monica Blvd
suite 643
Beverly hills, CA 90210-4303
Caitlyn Jenner
25115 Eldorado Meadows Rd.
Hidden Hills, CA 91302
Billy Crystal
860 Chautauqua Blvd
Pacific Palisades, CA 90066-5115

Links to purchase stamps
Example of a stamp I use for the UK

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